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assured produce

Assured Produce Holdings

Assured Produce Holdings is a fresh produce holding co. located in Singapore. This is a newly formed entity which has consolidated a leafy green and herbs business in Sri Lanka, called Lanka Salad Co. This entity is Capital Agri’s Asia vehicle to meet the company’s fresh produce aspirations within the region. Capital Agri are direct managers in this business and hold a majority equity position.
eco aquaculture

Eco Aquaculture

Eco Aquaculture is a sustainable aquaculture company producing grouper and shrimp. Based in Phuket with expansion plans for their sustainable production system into other key markets, such as Vietnam and parts of Europe. Capital Agri are direct managers within this business and hold a significant equity position alongside the founders.
niche community trade

Niche Commodity Trade Company

The Niche Commodity Trade company was launched in 2020 as a trading platform out of the the free trade zone in Dubai. Focusing on commodities such as coriander, millet, chickpea and yellow pea. In addition, this company will be used as a conduit for fresh produce supply from Capital Agri’s growing business, Assured Produce Holdings. Capital Agri take a minor role in this business, alongside their Ukrainian business partners.

Ripe Natural Light Growing

Ripe greenhouse and growing systems is a unique indoor agriculture technology company located in the UK. They have patented solutions to disrupt the traditional greenhouse sector with the use of novel materials applied with their unique IP. Capital Agri are active advisors to the board and management and hold a minority equity stake.
horizon resources

Horizon Resources

Horizon Resources was launched by the Capital Agri team, who hold 100% ownership in the company. The company holds permits for sand extraction in key locations in Sri Lanka. Their system for sand extraction is based on care for the environment, only sourcing raw material from reservoir sites rather than promoting unsustainable river mining practices.